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                                      DROP CURTAINS

Customize your home with attractive new Drop Curtains, a great alternative to the old plastic roll-up style. Drop Curtains offer privacy, sun protection, wind block and much, much more. As a home owner or business owner, Drop Curtains can add a room at the "Drop of a Curtain".


Sunbrella Canvas
offers over 150 colors or patterns to choose from. This includes a  manufacture ten year limited warranty. To add privacy to your home you can choose the Sunbrella Canvas  for a full black out of the room or clear vinyl windows can be placed into the Sunbrella Canvas Drop Curtain to keep the view on a cold winter day. With so many optons in canvas and vinyl, you can mix and match to fit the application that is right for you.

Solar Screen
mesh offers a great shield from the sun's harmful ultra violet rays and reduces room temperature. The mesh also allows a nice cool breeze on a hot summer day. Another added advantage to Solar Screen mesh, is that it will give you the view and some added privacy. Solar Screen mesh comes in five different colors to choose from; black, brown, gray, stucco, and beige.  All are very durable, pet resistant and carry a five year limited warranty.

CANVAS DROP CURTAINS and SOLAR SCREEN DROP CURTAINS - It is your choice. Both curtains offer a motorized, manual, hand crank or pulley system - just ask your sales representative what will work best for you.
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