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Retractable Awnings
"Protection from Harmful UV Rays"
"Enhance the appearance of your home"
"Manual or Electric"
"Expand your living space"

"Over 150 Different Colors"
"5 Year Warranty"
"Custom Sizes"


*Create a cool and natural extension to your living space. Plus provide immediate UV protection and conserve energy by lowering indoor temperatures by as much as 8-15 degrees... as significant savings on cooling costs.
* When considering an installation for your home or business you have the option  customize up to 40 feet wide and 12 feet projection. With the wide variety of options the awnings have no limit

With just the touch of a switch your awning rolls in and out under its own power. Conroe Awning and Screen Retractable awnings can be controlled either manually or motorized by remote control or wall switch. You also have the option of an automatic Sun and wind Control Sensor to control your awning in the event you are unable to be home to retract your awning.
Motorized awnings are used much more often than a manual awnings. However, you are looking for a manual awning we offer a spring loaded system to make it easier to manually roll your waning in or out.
Retractable awnings can be used in drizzle or light rain as long as the unit is at the proper pitch. with heavy rain it is recommended the unit be retracted to prevent a build up or "pooling" of water, causing damage or fabric stretching.
"Don't Conroe Awning and Screen - We have you Covered"
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